Working with providers to improve chemo authorisation

4 February 2023

World Cancer Day, February 4

AXA Health is working with oncologists and the hospitals and care settings where they treat our members to make chemotherapy prescribing quicker and clearer, with less uncertainty. 

An enhancement to iQ HealthTech’s iQemo chemotherapy prescribing and recording platform sees all the information needed for each AXA Health patient captured and validated in one pass. This means faster authorisation, a complete record of decisions made and drugs ordered – and less uncertainty for patients. 

Our cancer care nurses report this means they can authorise new chemotherapy requests within two hours. 

Mags Beal, Cancer Care Clinical Operations Manager, said she was delighted that her nurses could make decisions so quickly. She said: ‘The requests we get via the platform give us all the information we need right away, whereas if we receive an email with a report we often have to go back and get extra information. All that time there’s a member waiting for their treatment.’  

We’re now working with hospital groups to ensure all eligible specialists are able to use the platform and the AXA Health modification. 

More information about our iQemo project here.

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