Funding safe & effective care

The Chief Medical Officer team works to help our members receive safe and effective care

We authorise funding where the proposed treatment meets defined evidence levels, as shown in our Patient Safety Tool. 

Please request funding for a medical intervention using this form.

We're looking for dialogue with clinicians over procedures and treatments we don't currently authorise. If you’d like to submit further evidence in support of certain treatments, please consider the levels of evidence in our Patient Safety Tool (see above). Please submit your evidence via the button below.

We’ve commissioned a series of evidence reviews of robot-assisted surgical procedures. These indicate where we will fund treatment, partially or in full.

Provisions and funding for complex microsurgical breast reconstruction procedures where surgeons may wish to operate with a colleague.

We’ve commissioned a number of research projects and evidence reviews on MSK conditions and procedures, including peripheral joint injections. These will inform our approach to funding care.

Our policy on spinal injections and the clinical evidence informing these decisions.

If you’re not sure which code to use, please submit your query to us here:

For new Clinical Coding and Schedule Development (CCSD) codes, please submit your request here:

AXA Health’s Billing Principles give you clarity in your work with us and support for your patients' care. 

In these Principles we tell you what services and treatment we will and will not pay for. The information will guide you on when you need to contact us, helps in paying your invoices quickly, and ensures our work together runs smoothly.  

The Principles support your recognition and form part of your contract.

Meet our team

Dr John Burke (Chief Medical Officer)

Oversees medical regulatory concerns, clinical quality, risk and governance, medical policy, clinical advice and medical spokesperson for AXA Health and AXA UK&I

Dr Pallavi Bradshaw (Deputy Chief Medical Officer - Medicolegal)

Clinical and medicolegal advice, liaison with regulators, responsible officers and governance teams, fitness to practice concerns, fraud and audit oversight and spokesperson for AXA Health 

Dr Christopher Godsmark (Medical Officer - Policy)

Medical policy and complex claims adjudication