Why we may audit your practice

We may audit your billing to ensure that the decisions you make on treatment and charges are appropriate, and that you comply with our Terms of Recognition and our Billing Principles.

Under your Terms of Recognition you agreed to assist us in these audits, including providing relevant financial records and medical notes (where patient consent permits). We may also ask third parties, such as medico-legal professionals, to review your practice. The GMC regularly updates us with registration changes and current/pending investigations or sanctions and we may suspend or withdraw your recognition status where appropriate.

Our business together is conducted on the basis of good faith, and inappropriate practice from any person involved in the healthcare of our members brings our whole sector into disrepute. For this reason we have created a confidential tip-off line on 0800 2061805. Please call this line, in confidence, if you have any concerns about a provider you would like to bring to our attention.