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How we facilitate private healthcare and why we're working with providers to make healthcare better.

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Patients 'highly satisfied' with care

May: Politeness of specialists and cleanliness of hospitals are favoured attributes in our member satisfaction survey

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'Dishonest' specialist quits private sector

May: Patient-focused scrutiny at AXA Health helped bring ‘inappropriate clinical procedures’ to light

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Insurers 'could do more' to promote PHIN

April: Insurance health summit highlights AXA Health's positive approach to asking patients to check treatment quality data 

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New data shows private health sector growth

March: invoice data released by Healthcode reveals doctors 'on track to treat more insured patients this year than in 2022'

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Genetic testing: AXA Health panel debate

February: Dr John Burke explores the ethics of using genetic data in healthcare funding at major conference

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AXA Health's latest robotic surgery reviews

February: updated reviews show AXA Health's approach to funding evidence-based robot-assisted surgery

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Improving chemo authorisation

February & World Cancer Day: how we're working with oncologists and using IT to speed up SACT prescribing

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New app for confidential incident reporting

January: Patient safety charity CORESS gives surgeons practical tool to submit details of ‘precursor’ events

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AXA Group renews Research Fund mandate

January: a new five-year mandate announced for the AXA Research Fund, AXA Group’s 15-year-old scientific philanthropy initiative

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Mutations in AXA Research Fund project

January: interview with Prof Mariano Barbacid, Permanent AXA Chair, on his research into the K-Ras oncogene

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Our evidence base for funding robotics

January: Chief Medical Officer Dr John Burke on authorising robot-assisted surgery. Our evidence reviews can be found here.

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New cases discussed by patient safety charity

December: the CORESS advisory board, which includes AXA Health DCMO Pallavi Bradshaw, publishes latest report and lessons learned

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How much is PMI worth to the economy?

November: the healthcare you give our members saves millions every year through improved quality of life and reduced sickness days

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AXA Health chiefs see robotics at first hand

October: CEO Tracy Garrad and Commercial Director Fergus Craig saw robot-assisted procedures up close at Schoen Clinic London

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New assessment service for neurodiversity

October: neurodivergent members will be able to access assessment, diagnosis and onward support in first of its kind launch

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"Bowel cancer screening helped save my life"

September: Check4Cancer, which manages cancer diagnostic pathways for AXA Health, interviews one of our members

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Getting better at investigating incidents

September: how military training is helping our clinical teams run sensitive, systems-focused investigations

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Insurers as a force for good in patient safety

July: Dr Annabel Bentley outlines the insurer's duty towards patient safety, presented at the CORESS surgical safety symposium

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More treatment choice for breast cancer patients

July: We’re switching medical policy to give members receiving breast cancer care more choice over their treatment

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Conference to tackle insurer role in safety

July: AXA Health will discuss how collaborative working will improve patient safety at acute private healthcare conference in October

Sarah Taylor interviewed at Vivatech 2022

Digital MSK showcased at European conferences

July: our Head of Specialist and Practitioner Relations demonstrated how we're directing patients to the right MSK clinician

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Deputy CMO to advise patient safety charity

July: Dr Pallavi Bradshaw, DCMO, has been appointed to the advisory board of CORESS, and will present at its annual symposium

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Why criminalising clinical error harms patient safety

June: Dr Pallavi Bradshaw considers the case of RaDonda Vaught, a US nurse held criminally liable for a patient's death

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Digital MSK service up for award

June: COVER magazine has shortlisted AXA Heath's online MSK service for its Healthcare Innovation Awards

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AXA Health authorises promising robot-assisted procedure

May: new trial results support procedure already covered in our review of robotic surgery

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Paterson: culture AND systems need change

May: Dr Pallavi Bradshaw finds that a clinical culture focused on patient safety needs more than process change

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Private MSK care: are we in step with the NHS?

May: What we discovered when we compared our MSK data against the same treatments carried out in the NHS

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Dr Pallavi Bradshaw writes for landmark Patient Safety guide

May: AXA Health's Deputy CMO (medicolegal) is published in the OUP's new handbook

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Patient safety: our approach

March: how a new matrix guides our funding decisions and helps ensure our patients receive safe and effective treatment

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Changing pathways to suit patients

March: more patients are booking on to our diagnostic pathways for breast, skin and prostate cancer outside London than before COVID

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MSK: understanding the data

January: We're working with orthopaedic surgeon David Elliott to get a clearer picture of the treatment our members receive

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Preventing inactivity

January: AXA Health Head of Specialist & Practitioner Relations Sarah Taylor on why we need to get moving

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New mind health research

January: AXA's 2022 Mind Health study reveals the UK leads the way in reducing the stigma surrounding mental health

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Employee support

January: AXA Health teams up with Peppy to offer an app giving personalised, expert support in menopause, fertility and early parenthood

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The challenge of change

Why medical insurers are moving from simply paying the bills to becoming healthcare commissioners

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Effect of data sharing

How AXA Health influenced knee arthroscopy incidence, presented at Preventing Overdiagnosis conference by DCMO Dr Ayo Kazeem

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Becoming AXA Health

Sarah Taylor, Head of Specialist & Practitioner Relations, explains how we're working to be the UK's health and wellbeing specialists