Understanding our membership numbers

To provide the cover that’s right for our members we offer and administer many different plans.

You’ll be paid according to each company’s legal identity, which is why your remittances may state, for example, ‘AXA PPP healthcare Limited’.

We’re working to simplify our membership numbers, which vary depending on where the scheme is managed.

We realise this is confusing, but here’s a guide to help you out while we do this work.


AA = any letter A-Z, a-z
00 = any digit 0-9
AXA and HOL are fixed values

AXA Health plans

AXA-AA000000 (6 digits)
AA0000000A (7 digits)
0000000A (7 digits)
AXA/A0000000 (7 digits)
HOL/A0000000 (7 digits)

Freedom plans

AA000000 (6 digits)
AAA00000 (3 letters, 5 digits)

The Exeter plans

00000000AA00 (8 digits, 2 letters, 2 digits)
AA00000000 (8 digits)
0000000 (7 digits)
000000 (6 digits)

AXA Global Healthcare plans

AXI, AXE, AXC, BXI, BXE, BXC, HKE, KVE, OGI followed by 8 digits (eg BXC12345678) OR
INTL7 followed by 6 or 7 digits (eg INTL7123456 or INTL71234567)