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To help you submit queries more efficiently, we’ve made some changes to this page and the forms it contains.

Invoices and payment support

Upload invoices, submit payment queries, follow up earlier queries and securely send supporting documents

Provider support

Recognition, consultation fee review, procedures outside our hospital network, Billing Principle exemptions, fee uplift and other procedure requests, coding and other queries 

Invoices and payment support

Upload invoices to Healthcode

Please send us your invoices via our e-billing provider Healthcode. 

To contact us about invoices you’ve already submitted, please see Support for payment queries, below right.

Support for payment queries

Submit payment queries, follow up earlier queries and securely send supporting documents.

If you choose not to use Healthcode, you can submit single invoices on our payment support page. Submitting via Healthcode will validate membership numbers for you, ensuring our systems can accept your invoices, which we can track and process more easily.

Healthcode support

If you're having trouble using Healthcode, please contact them using the button below.

My bank details

Our members’ plans may not cover everything, so when there's an excess or some other type of shortfall they can send the money straight to your bank account. If you want to share your bank details with your patients, please complete the relevant section in your profile on the Private Practice Register (PPR).

Worried about fraud?

Please call our 24-hour confidential line on:

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