Invoicing and payment

To help us pay your invoices quickly, please submit them electronically, through our e-billing provider Healthcode, within six months of the treatment date.

Electronic invoicing is:

  • efficient: you know straight away that your invoice has been received and that it contains all the information we need to process it correctly, ensuring you get paid on time
  • secure: sensitive patient information is protected and visible only to those who need to see it to process your invoice
  • quicker to process than paper billing
  • easier for your accounts: we’ll report all your payments together, rather than in separate paper remittances.

For more information about electronic billing please contact Healthcode on 0330 900 4900 or click below.

What to include on your invoice

Invoices must include the following information: 

  • your AXA Health* provider number
  • a unique invoice number, no longer than 10 characters, for each invoice submitted
  • our systems will reject invoices with duplicate numbers (even if these are for different patients) and full stops in the name itself – please name your invoice, for example, Smith-05-05.doc rather than Smith.05.05.doc
  • your patient’s name, membership number, date of birth, address including postcode, date of invoice and date of treatment
  • the applicable International Classification of Diseases (ICD) disease and injury code (currently based on ICD-10)
  • the Clinical Coding and Schedule Development Group (CCSD) code and CCSD description for the treatment (as described in our Schedule of Procedures and Fees)
  • your fee.

*AXA Health is a trading name of AXA PPP healthcare Limited, a company registered in England and Wales under company number 03148119.

If you’ve accepted our agreement, please bill using the fee-approved schedule. If you haven’t accepted our agreement, please use the fee-limited schedule.

All codes must be based on the latest edition of our Schedule of Procedures and Fees. We’ll publish any amendments on this site. We follow industry standards set out by the CCSD and we can’t accept accounts for procedures that are new and for which a code is not yet available. You can request codes for new and as yet uncoded procedures on the CCSD website.

Paying your invoices

We’ll pay you at the intervals agreed in your contract and send you a remittance. Where our member has a policy limitation, we’ll advise you that we’ve applied a deduction. In these circumstances, members are responsible for payment and you’ll need to obtain this amount from them directly. However, you must not charge more than the deduction stated.

Regulatory requirements mean that we have begun to separate our payments to show whether we cover your patients’ treatments under an insurance policy or a trust-administered scheme. This has no effect on your payment date or frequency, but you may see an additional payment reference when we pay you. If you don’t bill us electronically you may receive an additional paper remittance when we pay you. For more details please click below.

In the exceptional circumstances where you may need to contact us about invoice payment, please visit the Payment Support Service section of our website. To allow us time to process the claim, please don’t chase us for payment until 30 days from the invoice date.


To offer your services to our members we need up-to-date details of your specialism, sub-specialism, how to contact you and your practice location and availability. Please check these details at least every 12 months. To help us contact you, it’s important that you enter your correct address/es on both the correspondence and billing tabs. 

Healthcode handles this for us through its Private Practice Register (PPR).

We also need to be able to liaise directly with people who manage invoices for you, whether this is a medical billing agency, administrator or secretary. This ensures we comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Please ensure you include these details on PPR. If you don’t give us their details we won’t be able to assist with their queries or provide copy remittances if required.