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Sarah Taylor, Head of Specialist and Practitioner Relations

Delivering MSK care digitally: telling the world about better healthcare

5 July 2022

Sarah Taylor at Vivatech

In conversation at Vivatech

Watch a short interview with Sarah Taylor and HBSUK's Chief Technology Officer ALex Nancekievill at Vivatech Paris, June 22

“I was so proud to showcase AXA Health’s online MSK service to the tech and insurance sectors at two separate international conferences last month.

“Standing side by side with colleagues from HBSUK, the healthcare services provider which manages this new service for us, I was able to show how we’re really making a difference to the patient experience, at both the Vivatech Paris and IFHP Big Ideas Week in Athens events.

“Our audiences were really interested in how we’re ‘doing MSK’ differently and better – when people hear about this service, they agree that this is the future of healthcare.

Vivatech screen grab

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“Patients access the service online or by phone, are remotely assessed and directed to an initial, remote consultation with an MSK specialist who ensures AXA Health members see the appropriate clinician for their needs. Imaging is ordered where necessary, and patients can continue their online journey through physio if that’s appropriate for them

“The stats we’re getting back have been astounding. After analysing data from nearly 15,000 members on the pathway, we see that nine out of ten of them saw the correct provider, first time (physio, advanced physio or specialist); the online physio service was successful for 98% of patients following that route; only 7% needed an imaging referral and 98% of the remote assessment appointments took place within two days of the member starting the pathway. And >99% of our members reported that ‘the clinician fully understood my condition’.

Sarah Taylor, Head of Specialist and Practitioner Relations

Sarah Taylor, Head of Specialist & Practitioner Relations

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“We know online medicine is here to stay, and that patients are welcoming this extra choice (more than seven out of ten of our members, when offered the choice of this digital solution or a more traditional route, choose the online option). There’s no substitute for in-person care, but our system helps get patients to where they need to be, as quickly as possible, using the route that’s right for them.

“We’re collecting PREMs and PROMs, and I’ve been delighted that our members are reporting 4.7/5 for their experience. As this service matures we’ll have richer data, adding to our understanding of how we can make the experience better for them.

“We’re the only insurers in the market offering this solution, which we’re now extending, with the support of HBSUK, to teledermatology. And it’s not just patients who benefit: specialists signed up to the pathway get better referrals and patients who’ve received full work up before arriving. It all adds up to better value healthcare, something we’re all striving for.”

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