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Payment support service

To help you submit queries more efficiently, we’ve made some changes to this page and the forms it contains.

Guidance on entering your patient's membership number

To provide the cover that’s right for our members we offer and administer many different plans. These are the membership numbers our systems recognise.  

AA = any letter A-Z
00 = any digit 0-9
AXA and HOL are fixed values

AXA Health Plans

  • AXA-AA000000 (6 digits)
  • AA0000000A (7 digits)
  • 0000000A (7 digits)
  • AXA/A0000000 (7 digits)
  • HOL/A0000000 (7 digits)


The Exeter Plans

  • 00000000AA00 (8 digits, 2 letters, 2 digits)
  • AA00000000 (2 letters, 8 digits)
  • 0000000000 (10 digits)
  • 0000000 (7 digits)
  • 000000 (6 digits)


Freedom Plans

  • AA000000 (6 digits)
  • AAA00000 (3 letters, 5 digits)

AXA Global Healthcare numbers are in this format

  • AXI, AXE, AXC, BXI, BXE, BXC, HKE, KVE, OGI followed by 8 digits (eg BXC12345678) OR
  • INTL7 followed by 6 or 7 digits (eg INTL7123456 or INTL71234567)   

Choose your payment query

Please check our membership number guidance above.

upload icon

Submit an invoice

For uploading invoices where Healthcode isn’t an option, or we’ve requested a copy. Use ‘AXA Health’ button for patients with UK plans. Use ‘AXA Global’ button for patients with AXA Global Healthcare plans.

Submit AXA Health invoice

Submit AXA Global invoice

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Confirm your patient’s membership number

For invoices rejected on Healthcode
due to incorrect membership numbers
or other details.

Confirm number

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Single invoice query

For queries about payment for one specific member. Use ‘AXA Health’ button for members with UK plans.
Use ‘AXA Global’ button for members with AXA Global Healthcare plans.

AXA Health invoice query

AXA Global invoice query

For queries about payment for several members at once

For additional information to help you reconcile our payment.

For outstanding payment queries, please see the ‘Single invoice query’ section, above.

If you receive remittances via Healthcode, you can view records from the last three months by logging into your account.

If you don’t use Healthcode, or you’re requesting a copy of a remittance older than three months, please click below. 

Use ‘AXA Health’ button for payments marked AXA PPP healthcare GB31/GB33/Admin Serv.

Use ‘AXA Global’ button for payments marked AXA Global Healthcare. 

Request AXA Health remittance

Request AXA Global remittance

For general questions about payment, rather than for specific patients

When we’ve overpaid you, perhaps because an invoice was duplicated or submitted by mistake.

For lost or incorrect cheques

For hospitals claiming a shortfall, where we’ve paid under a procedure code billed by the specialist

Healthcode support

If you’re having trouble using Healthcode, please contact them using the button below.

My bank details

Our members’ policies may not cover everything, so when there's an excess or some other type of shortfall they can send the money straight to your bank account. If you want to share your bank details with your patients, please complete the relevant section in your profile on the Private Practice Register (PPR).

Worried about fraud?

Please call our 24-hour confidential line on:

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