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Recognition for hospitals and facilities

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Please request our recognition form from the hospital relations team. Please fill in the form and return it, with the evidence requested, to the same address. We will then review your form and get back in touch with you.

We will need to see evidence of your:

  • Continuity plans, indemnity and liability insurance
  • Organisational details, including senior management team and key shareholders
  • Full list of services available and proposed pricing, including CCSD coding
  • CQC registration certificate
  • e-billing registration with Healthcode
  • Bank details, including payee name, sort code and account number, on headed stationery accompanied by a signature

Please note that completing the recognition form and meeting the recognition criteria does not guarantee we will recognise your facility. With no agreement in place, your facility will not be eligible to treat AXA Health members. After reviewing your documentation we may also request further information and arrange a visit to your facility to assess the quality of services offered.