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Individual provider support

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My query relates to recognition and changing my details

Our e-billing provider Healthcode handles recognition and changes to details for us.
If you would like to become recognised by us, first please check that your practice fits our recognition criteria here.
We are unable to process any new applications or changes to your details unless you're registered with Healthcode's Private Practice Register (PPR). To register on the PPR, click here.

If you still have a query about your recognition, please click on the button below.

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Our Billing Principles and Schedule of Procedures and Fees

You’ll find most of the codes you need on our Schedule of Procedures and Fees, along with what we expect to be charged for these, including consultations and sessional treatment (chapter 1.5).

Billing Principles/Schedule of Procedures and Fees

If you have a query about our Billing Principles, please contact us by clicking the button below.

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What treatment has been agreed for my patient?

We’re sorry, but our commitment to confidentiality means that we can’t discuss with you what treatment we have agreed to cover.

Please discuss agreed treatments directly with your patient, who can give you the authorisation number.

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I'd like to submit a request for an uplift, multiple specialists, or Sugarbaker/cytoreductive surgery

Our Specialist Fees and Contracting Team deals with all requests for procedures requiring multiple specialists and complex procedures requiring consideration for an uplift in fees.

Please click here to submit the appropriate information.

Pre-Operative Uplift

Post-Operative Uplift

Sugarbaker/Cytoreductive Surgery

Multiple Specialist Request

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Can't find a code?

The Clinical Coding and Schedule Development Committee may have changed some of the codes you've used in the past. So if you're not sure which code to use for treatment, please contact us using this form.


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I'd like to upload a medical report to support a claim for a specific UK member

Sometimes we’ll ask you for a medical report so we can make a decision about a member’s claim. We’ll usually tell you where to send this information, so please follow this instruction to help us deal with the query quickly. If you’re not sure where to send a medical report and it is for a UK policy, please enter the individual’s membership number and select ‘go’. You’ll then be able to submit the report. This may take a little more time, but we’ll make sure it gets to the right place.  

If the member has an international policy, please click here.


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Other queries

Please select from one of the following categories:

I'd like to review my contract with AXA Health


Contracts and Terms of Recognition


Billing or invoices


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Healthcode issues?

If you are having trouble using Healthcode, you can find their contact information using the link below


My bank details

Our members’ policies may not cover everything, so when there is an excess or some other type of shortfall they can send the money straight to your bank account. If you want to share your bank details with your patients, please complete the relevant section in your profile on the Private Practice Register (PPR).

Worried about fraud?

Please call our 24-hour confidential tip-off line on:

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