Making healthcare better by working with providers

We’re here to make healthcare better for our members – your patients.

We have three aims for them: better health, a better experience, and better value care.

We aim to work together with providers, to deliver the right treatment, at the right time, from the right location.

Our work with providers

  • we consult with specialists on good practice, procedure complexity and fee setting
  • we invite specialists to take part in pilots and services to improve healthcare
  • we consult with professional bodies on the future of private healthcare.

Our guiding principles in treatment

  • the right amount of treatment – not too little or too much
  • with an appropriate specialist – identified by our data, and their clinical practice
  • at the right time – not too quickly or too slowly (either can be harmful)
  • in the right place – not what’s most convenient
  • we embrace medical and technology advances when it’s right to do so
  • to achieve the best health outcomes, at the best value.

Working with healthcare providers, we aim to:

  • design innovative, better-value services together
  • challenge overdiagnosis and overtreatment – our providers’ practice helps us understand and remove potential unwarranted variations
  • remove waste – unnecessary appointments and admin, and clinically-unjustified care
  • reduce complexity – helping members take a simpler care journey
  • challenge convention – we won’t accept a healthcare option because ‘it’s always been done that way’
  • prevent avoidable harm – we support providers in alerting local clinical governance systems with their concerns
  • contain the costs of ill health, both human and financial
  • keep private healthcare sustainable – and this benefits our business, and the practice of providers who work with us.