Making healthcare better in musculoskeletal conditions

Working Body Service

Our Working Body service directs members with MSK conditions to the appropriate healthcare providers

  • Members worried about symptoms call us
  • Phone assessment with physio
  • Members directed to self-care, physio appointment or specialist consultation and possible treatment.

Some of our new MSK services

MSK assessment programme pilot

This project will enhance the Working Body service by linking a series of healthcare providers in one managed and audited journey. Currently being piloted with certain members.

  • members seeking MSK support contact us (via telephone during working hours; members in pilot have online access 24/7)
  • standard triage questionnaire routes member to clinically appropriate next step: physio (in person or via telephone) or remote specialist assessment
  • remote specialist assessment service organises appropriate diagnostic imaging through a selected group of scanning facilities 
  • imaging uploaded to patient's individual Electronic Medical Record (providers and patients have access to the EMR)
  • remote MDT assessment routes member to appropriate care, eg physio; sports medicine; orthopaedic consultant
  • we aim to select physio, sports medicine and orthopaedic surgery providers on the evidence of good practice, based on our claims data, their self-reported practice data, adherence to professional standards, data sharing with registries and other criteria
  • treatment authorised and carried out
  • programme managed and audited by healthcare provider HBS UK.

An alternative to knee surgery

A service to support knee surgeons in offering conservative and appropriate treatment.

  • the Össur Unloader One® brace, clinically indicated for patients with unicompartmental arthritis of the knee, is covered for appropriate patients
  • knee surgeons may refer their patients to Össur for fitting, with no impact on other treatment if needed.