Thank you

Thank you for your work

We know you’re keen to continue providing care for your private patients, and we’d like to thank you for your dedication in this unprecedented situation.

To help safeguard your patients you asked us if you could carry out consultations remotely, and we’re happy to authorise this, if you feel it’s clinically appropriate, until further notice. (See our provisions for remote consultation here.) We’ll update you on this website if anything changes.

In enabling temporary remote consultation, we’ve considered how to ensure principles such as confidentiality, clinical relevance, patient consent, GDPR compliance, strict billing procedures, and so on are adhered to.

What we decided was that, as the people ensuring good healthcare for our members, we trust you to do the right thing. 

We look forward to our continuing to work together during this challenging time. We’ll keep you posted on any changes that affect your practice as soon as we can.