Elective hospital care

Provisions for elective care

As private hospital care resumes, we expect there will be some regional variation within England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in the complete restoration of services. We're working closely with the private hospitals to find out where, when and what treatments will be possible.

We’re asking members whose treatment we'd preauthorised but was subsequently cancelled, or couldn’t take place, to contact their specialist or private facility to reschedule it. We’ve told them we won’t need to pre-authorise this treatment again, provided they've maintained their AXA Health membership.

And, for members who are thinking about seeking private treatment, we ask that they contact us so we can help them to get it as quickly as possible. 

If you feel able to carry out in-person work, whether for consultation or treatment, we will continue to pre-authorise these sessions at your agreed rate, and using the normal codes for in-person consultation or treatment. We advise all providers to follow their regulatory body’s guidelines on in-person work during this period of the illness COVID-19.