Group Questionnaire

As part of AXA Health’s strategy of engaging with clinical group practice, we are sending you this questionnaire to gather information about your group. This information will be held in confidence.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to:

  • Gather some insight into the legal status of specialist groups with whom AXA Health may want to have closer engagement.
  • Commence the process of due diligence on specialist groups
Are you registered as an LLP or Limited Company? (Required)
Have you taken appropriate advice to ensure compliance with competition law?
Are you in a business relationship with other entity(s)? (Required)
Please confirm that no members/directors/shareholders have had disciplinary proceedings in the last 5 years (Required)
Please confirm if any of your members/directors/shareholders have any potential conflict of interest? (Required)
Please confirm if any of your members/directors/shareholders have a solely private practice.? If so which members (Required)

Practice details

Do you offer remote consultations? (Required)
Is the software capable of API with other cloud based software? (Required)

Clinical Governance

Do you have a clinical governance policy? (Required)
Do you have an MDT?
Do you collect NPS data? (Required)


Do you have a single contact point for administration? (e.g. central email address) (Required)
Do you have a central booking function? (Required)
Are online appointments available for direct booking? (Required)
Do you invoice via Healthcode? (Required)
Are you represented on any specialist feedback sites e.g. PHIN, iwantgreatcare, Doctify, Trust Pilot? (Required)
Do all group members/directors/shareholders invoice via the group for all patients they see? If no, would you in the future?
Do you have any additional liability cover over and above individual group member indemnity cover? (Required)
Do you generate income from insurers and patients as a practice or as individuals (i.e. do you pool income in some way)? (Required)