Making healthcare better by funding research

AXA Health is part of the global AXA insurance group, which supports the AXA Research Fund. The fund "was born in 2007 out of the belief that science has a crucial role in responding to the most important issues facing our planet. AXA's scientific philanthropy initiative is committed to supporting science, contributing to societal progress and encouraging researchers to share their work with the larger public. The AXA Research Fund supports projects in the areas of Health, Environment, New Tech and Socio-Economics”.

Recent reports and articles from the Fund include work on cervical cancer, obstetrics, children’s diet and neural pathways.

Check out our Future of Ageing campaign, which features a short film on the work of AXA Research Fellow Peter Joshi from the University of Edinburgh. You can also hear our Chief Medical Officer Dr Annabel Bentley discussing our research in a podcast featuring Professor Tom Kirkwood, Chairman of the AXA Research Fund Scientific Board.

Before we became AXA Health, we funded the HealthTech&You awards, which seek to identify and support entrepreneurs changing health through technology.

2019 HealthTech&You winners

SleepTech Challenge

LYS: a wearable button helping people to understand how light in their everyday environment influences sleep.

Mental Health in Children Challenge

KIT: a digital coach aiming to arm young people with social confidence and skills.

Mobility and Accessibility Challenge

Tomo: an app that uses the power of online community to build habits that keep people healthy.

Innovation in Health Tech

Chronomics: a repeatable, at home, epigenetic testing kit offering insights into a person’s health by looking at their DNA.

Excellence in Health Tech

Lechal: a smart insole aimed at reducing fall risk and increasing physical activity for the older generation.