Introduction to CCSD procedure codes

We work with the Clinical Coding and Schedule Development (CCSD) group to help create industry standard procedure codes. 

The CCSD aims to:

  • establish and maintain a common standard of procedure codes and narratives that reflect current medical practice within the independent healthcare sector by publishing the CCSD Schedule
  • establish and maintain industry standard codes for diagnostic tests to drive further standardisation of coding
  • update the standard in-line with new technologies and changes in medical practice.

The CCSD does not set reimbursement levels – it’s up to each individual insurer to maintain their own schedule of fees for procedures. For more details on how code are created and developed, please visit the CCSD website.

We publish any new codes in the "Important information" section of our Schedule of Procedures and Fees. Please use these codes when billing us for treatment. They should be reasonable and within their intended purpose, as defined by the CCSD.

Procedure narratives and codes are protected by copyright and may not be altered or used in any way other than as published in the Schedule of Procedures and Fees. 

If you believe there is no appropriate code for the treatment you wish to carry out or that the narrative does not reflect what you are doing, please visit the Schedule Amendments section of the CCSD website to request a new code. We review requests and possible changes with them regularly.