How to contact us

This website can answer many of your queries. Alternatively, call us on our dedicated phone line.

Call us on 01892 503030

Choose your starting point

This website is the starting point for your most common queries (please see examples below, with links to the pages and sites which will help you.) This is because we often ask for supporting information to answer your requests, and you can upload it securely here.

Our phone line (01892 503030) is open for all your queries Monday to Thursday, 9am to 5pm, but to help us answer payment queries already in the system we’ll close the payment query option (1) on Fridays. All other query lines will remain open. 

What procedure code should I use?

Try the Schedule of Procedures and Fees first. Providers who have signed our agreement should choose the ‘fee-approved’ schedule. Providers who have not signed our agreement should choose the ‘fee-limited’ schedule. If you need a new code, contact us here.

What should I bill you? 
(eg procedure code queries, multiple specialist requests and fee uplift requests)

Check our Billing Principles first to see what we cover. For specific queries, contact us here.

How should I bill you?

Please submit invoices electronically, via our e-billing provider Healthcode. 
Billing us electronically:

  • means you know immediately your invoice has been received and is ready to process
  • ensures confidential information is secure
  • saves time and money (we can process electronic invoices much faster than paper invoices)
  • helps you get paid quicker
  • makes reconciling your accounts easier (we’ll report all your payments together, rather than in separate paper remittances)
  • cuts down on paperwork for you
  • helps ensure our commercial dealings don’t get in the way of your treatment for your patient.

Visit Healthcode
(We give more detail on what to include on your invoice here.)

Queries about invoice(s) I’ve already submitted


General payment and shortfall queries


Treatment outside AXA Health’s hospital network


Becoming recognised and changing my details

Our e-billing provider Healthcode handles these queries for us through the Private Practice Register.

Once recognised with us and registered on PPR, it’s important to keep your details updated:

  • your specialism and sub-specialism enable us to refer patients to you with confidence
  • accurate contact details mean we can make referrals quickly – if we can’t contact you we may have to look for other providers to help
  • your practice locations and availability also help us offer the best provider for our members’ needs.

Visit Healthcode

My contract

For agreement and contract queries, please call our main support line on 01892 503030 and follow the options. Our support teams are available to answer agreement and contract queries 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

You can find a downloadable version of your agreement with us under the relevant specialism on this page.