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Medical policy

Our role

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The medical policy team reviews and advises on which medical conditions and health technologies AXA Health should cover, including:

  • investigations
  • treatments
  • procedures
  • equipment
  • drugs and
  • services.
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We work to understand the evidence underpinning these interventions, to ensure that AXA Health medical policy is consistent with best clinical practice and that all our members and customers receive the highest possible value from our products.  

In making recommendations we:

  • consider existing medical policy and new guidelines
  • listen to feedback from customers, clinicians, independent experts, pharmaceutical companies and other business departments
  • ‘horizon scan’ for new and emerging treatment and technologies.

Our work to promote patient safety

Safe, effective treatment

Patients deserve safe, effective treatment. At AXA Health, we believe we should only fund treatments supported by evidence which demonstrates their safety and effectiveness.

Our framework

To help us make appropriate funding decisions we’ve created a Patient Safety Tool. This is a framework showing how we evaluate evidence-based treatment, so we can be transparent in our decision-making and in our conversations with you.

Your voice matters

But to ensure patient safety and effective treatment we also need engagement from you, the specialists who treat our members.

Evidence-based medicine is a collaboration that takes the best available research evidence and integrates this with clinical expertise and patient values. Your voice is therefore valuable to us.

Engage with us

If you feel that our funding approach or our medical policies need to change, we want to hear from you. Take a moment to consider the levels of evidence in our Patient Safety Tool and get in touch via the 'Engage with us' section, below.