Child in hospital bed

Clinical teams: working for patient safety

Patient safety comes first, in our business as in your practice. Our clinical teams work to ensure our members receive safe, effective care that follows best practice and offers them good value.

CMO team

The Chief Medical Officer team’s mission is to act to prevent avoidable harms and improve outcomes. We’ve established work priorities where we're focusing effort and encouraging the shift to a true safety culture – one which encourages learnings, not blame.

We’re committed to working differently with our providers and partners across the healthcare system to this end. Please find out more via the links below.

Medical Policy

The Medical Policy team recommends which specific medical conditions and health technologies AXA Health should cover, including investigations, procedures, equipment, drugs and services. We work with independent external experts and healthcare companies to discuss existing and emerging treatment, technologies and procedures, understand the evidence, and ensure that AXA Health medical policy is consistent with best clinical practice.